Dug peat is peat with 75-85%

Екскаватор біля водойми добуває копаний торф

Dug peat is peat with 85% of humidity extracted from a quarry using an excavator.

At one time dug peat was used to form bricks, which were paved on fields, dried and then used for communal and household needs. Now dug peat is used primarily as a casing material for champignons (mushroom growing).

Due to the fact that lowland peat is able contain a lot of moisture and also has a lot of nutrients, it is used as a basis for production of the casing material for mushrooms.

Casing material is an integral part of growing mushrooms. Fruiting body is formed in the casing material. Such type of soil consists of peat and is laid on compost when a mycelium reaches its full growth. The mushroom itself is formed in the casing material. At the same time the casing material for mushrooms prevents drying of the compost surface, keeps moisture needed for growth of mushrooms, helps in gas exchange between the substrate and external environment due to weak alkaline reaction (optimal pH 7.4), converts acidic products of mushroom metabolism into bound forms.

Proper preparation and high-quality peat in the process of preparation of the casing material is very important for mushroom growth, as otherwise mushroom growing companies may suffer significant losses, while the casing material producers may lose their reputation, which is very difficult to recover.

“Unexpected Chance” LLC offers high-quality peat for mushrooms both in Rivne and across Ukraine. According to experts, our dug peat is the best suited for production of the casing material for mushroom growth in Western Ukraine.

Our pricing policy is perfectly balanced in terms of price/quality, which is proven by the long-term cooperation with many producers of the casing material.

Depending on the customer needs, “Unexpected Chance” LLC has the ability to supply dug peat both in bulk and packed up in FIBC of 1 tonne.


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