Types of products

The manufacture and selling of peat

Extraction of peat complex and multi-component process that requires compliance with all norms and quality standards. This material is used in horticulture and animal husbandry, and therefore must be environmentally friendly, as well as safe for health and the environment. On our site you can find quality peat from the producer, which is extracted in an environmentally friendly area of ​​Rivne region. For more than 15 years we have been specializing in peat extraction and providing products based on it to our customers.

Areas of peat use

Today, peat is supplied to various industrial enterprises:

  1. Energy. In the energy industry, peat is actively used as a fuel. Despite the fact that coal has greater energy efficiency, peat is chosen for several of its advantages. It is an environmentally friendly and safe material that does not harm the environment. It is also much cheaper to buy peat than to order the same amount of coal.
  2. Agriculture. In its pure form, peat becomes an ideal environment for growing plants. All because it is enriched with useful trace elements that stimulate crop growth. Peat is also given in the manufacture of fertilizers and soil enrichment & ndash; it is able to revitalize the earth and greatly reduce the amount of nitrates and harmful substances.
  3. Livestock. The material has high absorbent properties, good thermal insulation and softness. That is why it is used in the placement of cattle and birds on poultry farms.
  4. Construction. Peat can be used to make insulation boards.

You can also find the use of the material in the following areas: medicine, ecology, zoology, manufacturing, etc.

What types of peat we offer

On the company’s website & quot; Unexpected Chance & quot; you can order peat with delivery in its various variations. In the catalog you know the following types of products:

  1. Fuel peat with a humidity of 30-40%. A great alternative to a fuel source that has a good price. It is used to make fuel briquettes, pellets, etc.
  2. Peat agricultural with a humidity of 50-60%. As the name implies, it is used in agriculture, in particular for soil enrichment, production of fertilizers, substrates and composts, organic farming, etc.
  3. Excavator peat with humidity up to 85%. It can become the basis for the production of soil for mushrooms. It is able to retain the moisture needed for growing mushrooms, enriches the soil and promotes gas exchange between the soil and the environment.

Advantages of ordering peat products from us

The company & quot; Unexpected Chance & quot; offers quality lowland peat wholesale at reasonable prices. The peat extraction process takes place in Rivne region, and our office is located in Rivne. Why do buyers choose our company? Cooperation with the production and commercial firm & quot; Unexpected Chance & quot; has a number of advantages:

  • extensive experience in the extraction of peat products within the trade field & quot; Kutyanka-Viliya & quot ;;
  • availability of all necessary certificates confirming the quality and safety of products, their compliance with all international norms and standards;
  • modern system of extraction of all types of peat;
  • efficient and fast scheme of material supply to any corner of Ukraine, as well as abroad;
  • availability of different types of peat;
  • Products are sold in several variations: in bags, big bags and in bulk.

Buying peat from us, you are guaranteed to get quality and environmentally friendly material that can be used in various fields.

Peat with 30-85% of moisture