Fuel peat with 30-40% of moisture


Fuel peat is a milling peat with a moisture content of 30-40%, which is increasingly used in Ukraine. Due to the significant rise in the cost of natural gas, more and more consumers are paying attention to alternative fuel sources, namely the purchase of fuel peat. In lowland peat, about half the mass is carbon, so it can burn. Peat fuel field “Kutyanka-Vilia” belongs precisely to alternative sources of fuel, about which there is a corresponding conclusion. The cost of a unit of energy produced from fuel peat is usually 2-4 times lower than that of natural gas, but the issue of transportation and combustion of fuel peat is problematic. Manufacturers of solid fuel boilers are actively working to solve the issue of using fuel peat for the production of thermal energy.

Based on the above, fuel peat is increasingly used for the following purposes:

  • Peat for the manufacture of fuel briquettes is the widest and most traditional use of fuel peat. For the convenience of transportation and combustion of peat in traditional types of solid fuel boilers, fuel peat is dried to a moisture content of 20-25% in special furnaces, and then briquetted (pressed) mechanically. Since not all settlements in Ukraine are gasified, and natural gas itself is constantly growing in price, peat for briquettes is widely used throughout Ukraine, since peat in the form of fuel briquettes is convenient to transport and burn.
  • Peat for making pellets. Pellets are small fuel pellets (with a diameter of 6-10 mm and a length of 20-40 mm.), the main advantage of using peat pellets is the possibility of their mechanized supply for combustion in more modern solid fuel boilers.That is, the combustion of peat pellets becomes mechanized, and therefore more comfortable, since the hopper for feeding pellets can be loaded, for example, once a week and not constantly monitor the presence of fuel in the boiler. The principle of making pellets from fuel peat is the same as the principle of making peat briquettes – drying fuel peat to a moisture content of 15-17%, and then pressing. Until recently, there were several mini-factories for making pellets around Rivne.
  • Peat for burning. Currently, enterprises for the manufacture of heating equipment are actively developing special burners, the use of which would make it possible to burn peat in a dusty form. Burners are already available and used to burn peat with a moisture content of 15-25%. Burners are being developed in which peat could be used for burning with a moisture content of 25-35%.

Also, fuel peat is used in certain technological processes in metallurgy, brick production, and other industries.

It is lowland fuel peat with a high degree of decomposition and low sulfur content, which is located at the Kutyanka-Viliya field, that is best suited in the form of raw materials for combustion.

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