Fuel peat with 30-40% of moisture


Fuel peat is a milling peat with 30-40% of humidity that is more and more widely used in Ukraine. Due to the significant increase in the price of natural gas more and more customers are turning to the alternative fuel sources, namely to the purchase of fuel peat. About the half of lowland peat’s mass is made up of carbon, so it can burn. Fuel peat of the “Kutianka-Viliia” is exactly an alternative fuel source, which there is a corresponding expert opinion about. The unit cost of energy produced from fuel peat usually is 2-4 times lower than that of natural gas, though the issue of transportation and combustion of fuel peat is problematic. Manufacturers of solid fuel boilers are actively working to address the issue of using fuel peat for thermal energy extraction.

Based on the above, fuel peat is more and more widely used for the following purposes:

  • Peat for the fuel briquettes production is the most widespread and traditional use of fuel peat. For convenience of transportation and combustion of peat in traditional types of solid fuel boilers, fuel peat is dried in special furnaces to humidity levels of 20-25% and then is briquetted (pressed) by the impact-mechanical method. As not all settlement in Ukraine are gasified and natural gas prices are constantly rising, peat for briquettes is widely used in Ukraine because peat in form of fuel briquettes is easy to transport and combust.
  • Peat for pellet production. Pellets are fuel pellets of small size (diameter of 6-10 mm and length of 20-40 mm). The main advantage of using peat pellets is the possibility of their mechanized supply for combustion in more advanced solid fuel boilers. That means peat pellets combustion process becomes mechanized and, therefore, more comfortable, because the pellet hopper can be loaded, for example, once a week and there’s no need for constant monitoring of the fuel availability in the boiler. The concept of manufacture of pellets from fuel peat is the same as the concept of manufacture of briquettes from peat: drying of fuel peat to humidity levels of 15-17% and then pressing. Until recently, there were several mini-factories of pellet production around Rivne.
  • Peat for combustion. Currently companies manufacturing heating equipment are developing special burners, the use of which would make the combustion of peat in powdered form possible. Burners for combustion of peat with a humidity of 15-25% are already available and are in use. Burners that could use peat for combustion with a humidity of 25-35% are in development.

Fuel peat is also used in some technological processes in metallurgy, manufacture of bricks, other productions.

It is lowland peat with a high degree of composition and low content of sulfur, which is located on the field “Kutianka-Viliia”, that is best suited as a raw material for combustion.

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