Peat in bags

Today, peat is actively used both for own needs (for example, when arranging stables or garden fertilizers), and on large industrial sites, farms or during construction work. Ecological and completely safe material is extracted naturally and has a wide range of functionality.
We offer you high-quality peat in bags of lowland, the extraction of which takes place in an environmentally friendly area of ​​Rivne region.

Why buy peat in bags?

It is easy to guess where lowland peat is mined. To do this, all equipment is located in the lowlands, near rivers, swamps or lakes. This is where a large number of plants, moss and trees are concentrated. By rotting and mixing with groundwater, they are enriched with nutrients that can then be used to fertilize plants.
Of course, the level of decomposition of vegetation in peat will depend on the area. That is why it is important to make sure that the extraction of material is carried out in natural green areas, where there are no large enterprises and industrial facilities.
The use of peat can improve the process and result of growing various crops. This is a natural and completely safe fertilizer, which has a favorable cost and a wide range.

Advantages of packing peat in bags

Peat is sold in various formats today. It can be ordered in both large and small batches. It will all depend on how and where you plan to use the product. If you need relatively small amounts of plant fertilizer, the size of the mound is definitely not for you. In this case, it is better to buy peat in bags – this method of packaging has several advantages:

  1. – Save money. You do not need to buy extra products, you can calculate a specific number of bags and thus buy peat cheaply.
  2. – Convenient packaging. The bags are small in size and medium weight. They are easy to transport from place to place, can be stored compactly, stacked on top of each other, and so on.
  3. – Large selection of products. You can pack any type of peat you need in bags.

Rules of selection and features of buying peat in bags

Today in Ukraine you can find various outlets for peat. Choose companies that are ready to certify the quality of their products and work on a formal basis with all the necessary documents and certificates in hand. Our site presents a large selection of peat in bags. You can choose the variety or degree of humidity, depending on the desired indicators.
All products are sorted into durable wear-resistant bags that allow you to transport peat without damaging the packaging and spilling material. Approximately 25 kg in one bag, or 40 liters of lowland peat in volume.
The company “Unexpected Chance” offers favorable wholesale prices and fast delivery throughout Ukraine and abroad. To order peat, leave a request on the website, which provides all the necessary information for feedback. You can also call the specified number or visit our office, which is located in Rivne.
We perform all types of peat extraction work on modern foreign equipment and have all the necessary certificates. High-quality lowland peat is enriched with a large number of nutrients and thus simply created to fertilize plants and ensure their active growth.