Peat in bulk

Peat embankment
Lowland peat is formed, as the name implies, in the lowlands, near rivers or lakes. It is considered a product of decomposition of various plants, moss and wood. This enriches it with nutrients, so the product is actively used as fertilizer. The level of decomposition of moss and wood can vary: sometimes there are even particles of undecomposed plants.

Where peat is used

Today it is recommended to buy peat in bulk for various purposes. This material is used:

  1. 1. As a fertilizer. Peat is enriched with nutrients that nourish plants and promote their growth.
  2. 2. Directly for growing plants. If in the first case peat is mixed with soil, then here it is used as a soil for crops.
  3. 3. When arranging farms. The material has good thermal insulation properties, so it can be used as the basis of a stall for cattle.

Peat can also be used during construction or as a fuel. All because this material is considered environmentally friendly and safe for the environment.

Advantages of lowland peat in embankments

One of the most common formats for selling peat is in embankments. On our site you can place an order for the type of product you need in this form. Lowland peat is an opportunity to obtain a large consignment of goods, which is usually used by industrial facilities.
The total volume of products may vary – we offer to buy peat in bulk in Ukraine from 30-40 cubic meters. This format of soil production for plant fertilization has several advantages:

  1. • the ability to order really large volumes of peat in one batch;
  2. • favorable cost – the price of this format is significantly lower than the purchase of peat with exactly the same characteristics of moisture and the same variety in bags or big bags;
  3. • a large selection of products – the bulk sells absolutely any type of lowland peat – you can choose the right option, having read the characteristics of each.

How to choose and where to order horse peat in embankments?

Ukraine has always been rich in peat – it was mined in different types of terrain, using both in private areas and in large industrial enterprises. Today, when the question arises: where to find quality peat cheap, many buyers are lost and do not know proven manufacturers.
The company “Unexpected Chance” offers high-quality and inexpensive peat, which is extracted in the Rivne region. We sell products in bulk and offer favorable prices for each of our customers.
On our website, you can order any amount of peat in bulk with fast delivery throughout Ukraine, as well as abroad. What we offer:

  1. • favorable cost of production;
  2. • own peat extraction and availability of all documents confirming its quality;
  3. • material is extracted with the help of modern equipment that meets all international standards;
  4. • fast delivery of any amount of peat to the specified address – you do not have to wait long for your order.

To order peat in bulk, leave a request on the website or call the specified number. Our consultants will answer all your questions and help you choose the right products from the wide range presented in the catalog.