Peat in FIBC

Ukraine is known worldwide for its fertile lands. But even chernozem needs to be enriched to ensure better plant growth and fertility. This is what peat is used for. It is divided into several types depending on the place of extraction.
We offer our customers certified and high-quality lowland peat, which is sold in convenient packaging – large big bags – and has a wide range of applications.

Features and methods of using peat

According to the place of extraction, peat is divided into lowland and upland. The first option is extracted from the lowlands, near rivers and lakes. It is there that most of the vegetation and moss are concentrated. When they rot, they enrich the soil and saturate the peat with cinnamon trace elements.
In addition, peat is also enriched with wood, groundwater and ash. The level of decomposition of vegetation will depend on the specific area.
High levels of nutrients as well as low levels of calcium contribute to the fact that peat offered by the company “Unexpected Chance” can be used as fertilizer for any plant. It is used in private areas, as well as farms to grow a variety of crops.

Peat in big bags: features of packing

Running bags are large soft bags that are made of strong and dense materials. They are designed so that a large number of bulk products, including lowland peat, can be conveniently transported. That is why this format of selling products is considered one of the most relevant. The use of jogging allows you to:

  1. • order a large batch of goods: running bags have large volumes, the average weight of peat in them can reach 1 ton;
  2. • buy products at a good price, especially if you order peat in bulk;
  3. • convenient to transport peat: bags are quite strong and can withstand a lot of weight and allow you to transport products without spilling it;
  4. • choose from a wide range of products: in running bags you can pack different types of peat, so you can choose the right option by variety or other characteristics.

We not only sell, but also extract lowland peat, using modern equipment. So you can be sure of the quality of the products you order on the site.

Where to order quality peat in big bags in Ukraine

As peat can be used in various works, it is better to order it in large quantities. The company “Unexpected Chance” offers to buy peat on the run with delivery throughout Ukraine. By contacting us, you can count on:

  1. 1. Quality products. Lowland peat is mined in Rivne region, an ecologically clean region. The products meet international standards and are enriched with nutrients.
  2. 2. Fast delivery to any corner of the country or abroad.
  3. 3. Large selection of peat, packed for running. We offer products of different grades and humidity.
  4. 4. Favorable prices. Ordering from us, you have the opportunity to buy Ukrainian peat cheap.

To place an order, leave a request on the website or call us at the number. You can also visit our office, which is located in Rivne. Our specialists will advise you on all issues, tell you about the features and characteristics of each type of peat and help with the choice.